Your Guide to Scaffolding Accident Claims

What Should You Do If You Have Been Injured In A Scaffolding Accident?

Construction sites are renowned for being dangerous working environments which is why there are so many health and safety laws in place to ensure that your employer takes every step possible to protect you from injury.

If you suffer an injury as a result of a scaffolding accident, who should you claim compensation from?

Who Is Responsible For The Scaffolding Accident?
The responsibility for the accident usually either rests with your employer, or the company that erected the scaffolding, or on some occasions both of them. Once you have a specialist work accident claims solicitor acting for you they will examine the evidence to find out who was responsible for the problem with the scaffolding. Whoever is ultimately responsible, it is likely that an insurance company will ultimately pay any compensation agreed or awarded.

What Can Cause A Scaffolding Accident?

There can be a variety of causes for a scaffolding accident, but common causes of injuries are:

  • the scaffold collapsing in part or completely causing you to fall to the ground
  • the scaffolding planks collapsing as you walk on them
  • items being dropped from above, or falling from scaffolding above onto you and causing injury
  • people falling directly from the scaffolding due to the safety rail giving way

Claiming Compensation For A Scaffoling Accident
Once you have been involved in a scaffolding accident it is important that you make urgent contact with a solicitor with expertise in the field of work accident claims. Evidence will need to be secured to support your claim and this should be obtained as close to the time of the accident as possible to provide you with the best prospect of making a successful claim.

In addition to securing the evidence to support the liability claim for the accident, your solicitor will also obtain medical evidence to confirm the injuries sustained by you, and evidence to support any lost earnings or any other expenses or losses incurred by you.

How Long Will It Take?
The length of your scaffolding accident compensation claim will vary depending on the severity of your injuries. If you have suffered only minor injuries and the insurer accepts responsibility for the accident then you may well be able to settle your claim in a matter of weeks. However, if you need private medical treatment this can prolong the claim as a settlement cannot take place before a full assessment of your injuries can be obtained.

Contact a specialist scaffolding accident claims solicitor with experience of scaffolding accidents and you should be in safe hands. One thing you must ensure is that you will keep all of your compensation if your claim is successful!

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